Carestream Instructions

Becoming Partners with Great Lakes

  • Before sending scans to Great Lakes Dental Technologies, you will need to invite us to be a Partner
  • Login to your CS Connect account online
  • Select this logo 
  • Click on “Invite a Partner”
  • Enter [email protected] in the email field
  • A message box will pop-up allowing you to personalize the message sent to us or you may leave the default message
  • Click “Send” and the invitation will immediately be sent
    • The invitation will be accepted promptly during business hours

Sending Scans to Great Lakes

  • Go to your imaging software and open the scans
    • If you have CS imaging: Select the model and click “CS Connect”
    • If you have CS Orthodontic Imaging: Right-click on the model and click “CS Connect”
    • Your imaging software will then transfer the scan data to CS Connect in a separate web browser.
      • You will see the case in your CS Connect Case List.
        • This case will now have a unique case ID number
        • Sending case instructions: (Two options)
          • You may download a prescription template from our website and attach that completed form to the case when you send it
          • You could also choose to skip the prescription template and thoroughly fill out the “Notes” section with your patient’s full name and detailed case instructions which will be sent along with your scans