3M instructions

MidMark (3M) True Definition Process for Doctors

Connecting with Great Lakes Dental Tehnologies:

  • Call 3M customer service

  • Give them our connection email [email protected]

  • 3M will make that connection and you will be able to send scans immediately

Sending Cases:

  • Select “Patients”

  • Type in the patient name and click “Add New”

  • Fill in patient information

  • “Scan Now”

  • On your left, select the arch you are about to scan

  • When scan is complete, select the check mark

  • Select your next arch and follow the same steps

  • When you’ve finished scanning, you are ready to send your case to Great Lakes Dental Technologies

  • On the left of the screen, select “Date Request”

  • “OK”

  • Select “Great Lakes Orthodontics”

  • Thoroughly fill out the “Notes” section with your case instructions as you would fill out a prescription.