Hands-On Course Schedule

Our complete Hands-On Course Schedule is listed below. These courses take place in our state of the art training facility near Buffalo, New York. If you are unable to travel to our facility, we also offer several online courses.


January - February

  No courses scheduled at this time.


March 16 to March 20 Basic Removable Appliance Fabrication
March 23 to March 24 Orthodontic Lab Soldering
March 25 FREE! Biostar®/MiniSTAR® Course


April 6 to April 7 Splint Fabrication


No courses scheduled at this time


June 1 to June 5 Basic Removable Appliance Fabrication
June 8 to June 9 Intermediate Removable Appliance Fabrication
June 10 to June 11 Orthodontic Lab Soldering
June 12 FREE! Biostar®/MiniSTAR® Course
June 15 to June 16 Fixed Distalizer Appliance Fabrication
June 17 to June 18 Banded Herbst® & Cantilever Herbst®
June 19 Indirect Bonding
June 22 to June 23 Invisible Aligner Fabrication
June 24 to June 25 Spring Retainer Appliance Fabrication


July 20 to July 24 Basic Removable Appliance Fabrication
July 27 to July 28 Intermediate Removable Appliance Fabrication
July 29 to July 30 Orthodontic Lab Soldering
July 31 FREE! Biostar®/MiniSTAR® Course


No courses scheduled at this time


Septem. 10 to Septem. 11 Splint Fabrication
Septem. 14 to Septem. 18 Basic Removable Appliance Fabrication
Septem. 21 to Septem. 22 Intermediate Removable Appliance Fabrication
Septem. 23 to Septem. 24 Orthodontic Lab Soldering
September 25 FREE! Biostar®/MiniSTAR® Course
Septem. 28 to Septem. 29 Fixed Expansion Appliance Fabrication
Septem. 30 to October 1 Fixed Distalizer Appliance Fabrication


October 2 Indirect Bonding
October 5 to October 6 Banded Herbst® & Cantilever Herbst®
October 7 to October 8 Twin Block Appliance Fabrication


November 9 to November 13 Basic Removable Appliance Fabrication
November 16 to November 17 Intermediate Removable Appliance Fabrication
November 18 to November 19 Orthodontic Lab Soldering
November 20 FREE! Biostar®/MiniSTAR® Course