Digital Splints

Digital Splints require less adjusting and less chair time than traditional lab or chairside fabricated splints.

Digital Splint Technology Offers the Smoothest, Flattest Splints Possible

Great Lakes is using 3D laser scanning, along with custom-designed software and state-of-the-art machining to digitally fabricate splints. Great Lakes digital splint technology produces the best fitting, most accurate occlusal splint possible. These splints require less adjusting and consequently less chair time than traditional lab or chairside made splints.

The digital process is unique in that it can take subtle variations in anatomy into account and produce splints that are designed closer to an individual's arc of closure. The patient receives a better fitting appliance with more predictable results. Another advantage of the process is that there is no cusp indexing on the splint. It's virtually impossible to eliminate that indexing using traditional methods. Digital splints are perfectly smooth allowing the teeth to move freely and not lock in any particular position.

What your colleagues are saying..

“I used to dread delivering bite splints until I started using Great Lakes Ortho’s digital design bite splints. Sometimes, in the past, I needed two appointments to deliver the splint in proper occlusion. Now, I’m confident that my splints are going to fit well and I spend very little time perfecting the occlusion.”

–Andrew H. Knowlton, DDS
Knowlton & McFall Dentistry
Sparta, Michigan

“...The digital fabricated splint pays for itself in reduced chair time and headaches. I would rather spend my valuable time doing something more productive rather than grinding on a splint trying to get it to fit.”

–B. Clay Keith, DDS, PA
The Center for Implant & General Dentistry
Lindale, TX

“…Great Lakes digital splints have made my life easy. I have cut my chair time down to where I literally just walk in, say ‘hello’ to the patient, check the fit and occlusion, reinforce home care and then send the patient home. They’re made so well I can easily say that I have not changed my technique to get this superior product.”

–Daniel Bornstein, DMD
Daniel Bornstein, DMD, Inc.
Santa Rosa, California

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